Common Shipping Errors

Common Shipping Errors

Common Shipping Errors

This is a list of the most common errors when making a shipment in the ledger and how to fix them. 
Freight errors:

"User Error: Consignee Geographic Point is invalid in shipment #1"

This happens when the delivery (consignee) address has an error. Addresses can be validated with a variety of tools such as UPS's Address ValidatorUSPS Zip Code Lookup, or even a quick Google search. After you're sure you have the correct address, you can edit in with the steps on our article on Editing Shipping Address for existing shipments

"User Error: Two or more of the selected services cannot be combined, Please submit using a different combination"

This happens when a shipment has incompatible Freight Service Options. Make sure you're not using both Residential Addresses and Call Before Delivery at the same time, as a residential delivery always includes a call. Another common cause is selecting Residential Address and any Access Limited option. 

"User Error: Weight cannot be more than 99999.9"

This happens when a shipment isn't built to have the correct quantities and weights. Please check our article on [Building LTL Shipments] for instructions on how to set this information correctly. 

"User Error: The value for origCompany has invalid characters. Please remove the invalid characters."

Contact and Pickup names in Inxeption can't include special characters such as "+", "&", "/" etc. If you receive this error, please change any of these to use only numbers and letters. 

"User Error: Earliest pickup ready time must be scheduled at least 90 minutes prior to latest ready time for same day pickup. / Please call customer service to arrange for pickups ready at 4pm and later."

These two errors usually occur when making same-day pickups with a short pickup window or when there‚Äôs no carrier available to pick up under the specified conditions. You can try any of the following: 
  1. Add an extra couple of hours to the pickup window. 
  2. Try again later to see if a carrier is available for a pickup today in your required pickup window. 
  3. Set the pick-up for the next available business day. 
Our booking system runs in the EST time zone. So booking a shipment at 9:30 PM PST for the next day will appear on our side as 12:30 AM EST and will be considered a same-day pickup. 

"Please enter a new description for your Shipment"

This error occurs on accounts with Falvey Shipping Protection, as they have a list of excluded words when making certificates for shipments. Please review our article on Restricted words in an insurance certificate and make sure you don't mention any of the items mentioned there. 
Parcel errors: 

"Order contains an address that could not be validated"

This happens when an order with an invalidated address is processed in bulk. Currently, the ledger can't process these automatically, but you can go to the order by clicking on the respective number in the order column and creating the shipment from that page, this will prompt you to choose the validated address. 

Keep in mind that this will only affect orders that require validation. Any order in the bulk process that didn't require this will be available for download in the Zip file. Check our article on [downloading bulk labels] for more information. 
My zip file doesn't have all of the labels I created 
This can be fixed by changing your shipping document bulk download settings in System Settings. Refer to our article on Downloading Labels in Bulk for more information. 

My parcel label is the wrong size
This can be fixed by changing the parcel label size in your System Settings. Please refer to our article on Changing the Size on Parcel Labels.
If the label size was already set to the one you require but it's still downloading incorrectly, change the option to the other size and save your settings. Then, go back to your needed size and save again. Refresh your page and try to download your parcel label again. 

Other common errors:

"User Error: ODFL returned an invalid pickup confirmation number. Please double-check the load and account information and try again. If the issue persists, please contact your service provider."

"User Error: The previous attempt to schedule the shipment failed. Unable to schedule shipment with carrier. Message from carrier: Web Dispatch Failed. Delivery Date must be a weekday, not a weekend."

"User Error: Invalid Delivery date and/or time. Please note that USF does not travel on weekends, and may not deliver to certain areas every day. If changing the delivery date to match transit times does not allow a dispatch, please contact your USF representative for more information."

These are carrier issues that can't be fixed from your side. For assistance with these errors please contact with the order number for any shipment where you may be seeing these. 

If you're having issues when making shipments that aren't mentioned in this article, please contact for assistance. 

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