Creating a Multi Carrier LTL Shipment

Creating a Multi Carrier LTL Shipment

Creating a Multi-Carrier LTL Shipment


  1. Visit the Shipping Module or select "VIEW SHIPMENT DETAILS" within an order
  2. Choose the desired freight order
  3. Edit the SHIPPING ADDRESS if needed
  4. Edit the FREIGHT SERVICE OPTIONS if needed
  6. Scroll down to SHIPMENT DETAILS
  7. Select your pickup location
  8. Add the QUANTITY and TYPE of the shipment details
  9. Choose the PICKUP TIME: pickup date, earliest pickup time, and latest pickup time
  10. Press CREATE
  1. This creates a pickup request
  2. You can now press DOWNLOAD SHIPPING LABEL to print out the label to affix to the boxes/packages
  3. You can now press DOWNLOAD BILL OF LADING to print out the BoL to give to the driver
Your Shipment will be created in the background. You can continue to on to create your next shipment while that is being created in the background

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