Falvey Insurance Certificate Breakdown

Falvey Certificate Breakdown

Falvey Certificate Breakdown

The Falvey Insurance Certificate can be downloaded from the shipment's page once it's created:
  1. LTL:
    Order for shipping details.
  2. Parcel:
    Create a shipment or download a packing slip under shipments.
After downloading it, you'll receive the following document: 

1. Named Insured:
The name and address of your company, the same information found on your Company Settings in your ledger. 

2. Date and numbers: 
The date of the certificate generation, along with the Certificate number and the Policy Number. 

3. Shipment “On/Around” date and Insured Value:
  1. The Date the Shipping Label was created (shipment made on your ledger) 
  2. The total insured value of this order. 

4. Shipment ID BOL / PO number:
The tracking number or the PRO number for this shipment. 

5. Loss Payee:
The person that will receive the payment for this shipment, this is the information found on your Company Settings in your ledger. 

6. Customer:
The person receiving this certificate. This is the information found on your Company Settings in your ledger. 

7. Limit and Deductible:
  1. The Limit is the maximum amount that could be paid for the insurance of this shipment. 
  2. The deductible is the cost of the declaration of the insurance. 
8. Merchandise description: 
The description of the products being covered by this certificate. This is populated from the “Description” field that appears when making a shipment. 

9. Carrier: 
The carrier delivering this shipment. 

10. Origin:
The pickup address from your ledger for this shipment. 

11. Destination:
The consignee’s address for this shipment. 

12. Terms and conditions: 
The terms and conditions for this Insurance Certificate. You can find here a link to falvey’s Website and the expected date of 90 days to inform Falvey before on a claim before the shipment is voided. 

13. Excluded Items: 
The list of items excluded from insurance by Falvey. Any mention of related items in the description set from your ledger will give you an error at the moment of creating the shipment. It’s advisable to revisit the description and remove any word that may relate to a banned substance or goods found in this list. For more information visit this article on Restricted words in an insurance certificate.

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