Filing a Shipping Protection Claim

Filing a Shipping Protection Claim

Filing a Shipping Protection Claim

If you have Inxeption Shipping Protection and experience damage or loss, please follow these steps to file a claim. You have 15 days to report concealed damage and 90 days to report visible damage.

1. The first step is to put the Carrier on Notice - This is done by sending an email to the carrier by using this email template that you can also find attached.

                  1. UPS Parcel email:
                 2. TForce Freight email:
                  3. A. Duie Pyle:
                  4. ABF Freight email:
                 5. Averitt Claims Center:
                 6. Central Freight Lines:
                  7. Dependable Highway Express:
                  8. Forward Air email:
                  9. Old Dominion Freight Line email:
                  10. USF Holland email:
                 11. USF Reddaway email:
                  12. XPO: Go to the page. Click on the “Manage It” tab, choose the “Claims Filing And Tracking” option, click on "Continue As Guest" when the login screen                                   appears, and then click on “+New Claim”.
                 13. YRC email:
If you don't see your carrier listed please reach out to
            2. Go to the online Falvey portal as soon as possible even if you do not have all the required documentation yet. 

3. Once in there, if this is your first claim, select the File a Claim option (see image below). This will also create you a Falvey account for future claims.


4. You will need the following documentation to attach to the claim in Falvey.

- Bill of Lading (BOL) or Parcel Label

- Order Number

- Tracking or PRO Number

- Insurance Certificate 

- Signed Delivery Receipt 

For parcel orders, this can be received on a shipments’ UPS tracking page, this can be accessed from the Shipment Dashboard, and then clicking on the shipment's tracking number. For Freight orders, Inxeption can provide it. 

- Freight Invoice - Shipping Costs by Inxeption:

This is found on your weekly billing statement. You can download it with the steps in our article on Downloading Billing Statements.

Be sure to highlight the row that corresponds to the damaged order. 

- Sales Invoice - Provide the invoice that shows the value of the damaged goods, you can provide a screenshot of the order showing the products and the total cost like the example below.


- Photos of Damage - Photos are very helpful and necessary.

      - Attach photos of the damaged goods and packaging taken after delivery.

      - Provide photos of the goods and packaging taken prior to shipment, if available. 

- Is Product Repairable

      - If Yes, provide an itemized repair invoice

      - If No, provide if any salvage value for the unit 

- Other Details often asked:

      - On what date was the damage first discovered?

      - How was the shipment packaged?

      - Where is the damaged product now?

      - What do you plan to do with the damaged product?

      - Any correspondence from the carrier or trucking company.

If you don't have Shipping Protection and need to file a carrier liability claim please contact

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