Filing a Shipping Protection Claim

Filing a Shipping Protection Claim

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Filing a Shipping Protection Claim

Please follow these steps to file a claim if you have Inxeption Shipping Protection and experience damage or loss. You have 15 days to report concealed damage and 90 days to report visible damage.

1. The first step is to put the Carrier on Notice - This is done by sending an email to the carrier by using the email template that you can find attached at the end of this article. Our carriers’ contact information can be found in our article on Reaching out to your Carrier in the "Claims Email" column. 

            2. Go to the online Falvey portal as soon as possible even if you do not have all the required documentation yet. 

3. Once in there, if this is your first claim, select the File a Claim option (see image below). This will also create you a Falvey account for future claims.


4. You will need the following documentation to start a claim in Falvey: 

Parcel Shipments 
LTL Shipments
Shipping Label
Bill of Lading (BOL)
Tracking Number
PRO Number

Where to get it
Order Number
This is the order number that the platform assigns to your orders. 

Insurance Certificate

The insurance certificate generated by the platform. Can be downloaded with the steps in our article on Falvey Certificate Breakdown

View information about shipments including the tracking number, pickup location, shipping label, and
Shipment details.

Shipping Costs by Inxeption

This is found on your weekly billing statement. You can download it with the steps in our article on How to Download Invoices. Make sure to highlight the row that corresponds to the shipment you require.

Sales Invoice

Provide the invoice that shows the value of the damaged goods

You can provide a screenshot of your ecommerce or web storefront showing how much you charged your customers. If you don’t have this then you can provide a screenshot of the order in your ledger showing the costs. 

Customers that have Inxeption ecommerce services can use an order screenshot that shows the paid value. 

Signed Delivery Receipt
For parcel orders, this can be received on a shipments’ UPS tracking page, this can be accessed from the Shipment Dashboard, and then clicking on the shipment's tracking number. For Freight orders, Inxeption has to provide it. 
Delivered to and received by driver release with proof of delivery.

Please also include the following documents depending on your claim type:

Damaged shipment

Signed Delivery Receipt 
For parcel orders, this can be received on a shipments’ UPS tracking page, this can be accessed from the Shipment Dashboard, and then clicking on the shipment's tracking number. For Freight orders, Inxeption can provide it. 
Photos of shipment before shipping
When attaching photos of a shipment before shipping, make sure it's a photo of the actual shipment with a visible shipping label.
Photos of Damage
Attach photos of the damaged goods and packaging taken after delivery.
Is Product Repairable? 
  1. If Yes, provide an itemized repair invoice
  2. If No, provide if any salvage value for the unit,

Lost Shipment

Police Report
If the shipment appears delivered on the carrier's tracking website and your customer didn't actually receive it, please file a police report for this stolen shipment and attach it to the Falvey claim. 

For questions or assistance with filing a Shipping Protection Claim with Falvey, please reach out to
If you don't have Shipping Protection and need to file a claim directly with the carrier, please contact

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