Ship Hazardous LTL Shipments

Ship Hazardous LTL Shipments

Ship Hazardous LTL Shipments


  1. Visit the PRODUCTS module and create or edit a Freight Product
  2. Under Shipping information select that the product is HAZMAT
  3. Fill in the UN Number
  4. Fill in the Hazmat Class
  5. Save your product information
  6. Visit the SHIPPING MODULE
  7. Create an LTL Shipment with your Hazmat product
  8. Add your Hazmat Emergency Contact Information
  9. Complete your LTL shipment
You are responsible for filling out the the appropriate and correct Hazmat information for your shipment. Including but not limited to any additional documentation needed, appropriate stickers/markings on your shipments. If you are not sure of the appropriate Hazmat information we recommend using online Hazmat tools to find the appropriate information.

You can email with any questions. 

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