Add/Maintain a Product or Service

Add/Maintain a Product or Service

Add/Maintain a Product or Service

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    • Using The Product Module

      Using The Product Module ​ Highlights of the Products module: Digitize your products/services Import your products/services in bulk Make changes to the products on your website instantly View your Most Viewed Products for a designated time period ...
    • Adding Products

      Adding Products Enter your Products/Services into the Inxeption Ledger Visit the Products Module Press "Add New Product", then choose the TYPE, NAME, and PRICE. Once you press continue, choose Shipping. Choose the applicable shipping method for the ...
    • Copy a Product/Service

      Copy a Product/Service ​ The Inxeption Ledger allows for Products to be copied.  Visit the Products Module Select the applicable product Hover over the triple dots and press "Copy" You can enter the New Name and Copy Images and Documents
    • Import Products/Services

      Import Products/Services ​ Inxeption has made it easy to move products from WooCommerce or any other eCommerce platform, to the Inxeption Ledger.  Visit the Products Module Press "Import" Press “example product” or “service file” link to download the ...
    • Manage Product Inventory

      Manage Product Inventory ​ Visit the Products Module Hover over the secondary drop-down menu on the top bar and click Inventory.  You can add a product from all of its sales channels and manage its inventory Press "Add Product to Inventory Tracking" ...