Adding a Product with Inxeption: Step-by-Step Guide

Add a New Product or Service

Adding a new product to your inventory is a straightforward process with Inxeption. Follow these detailed steps to ensure a smooth product addition:

Add a Product or Service 

1. Visit the Products Module:
Begin by navigating to the Products Module within your Inxeption account.
2. Click on "Add New Product":
Select "Add New" to initiate the product creation process, allowing for precise inputs.
3. Choose Product Type and Enter Details:
Specify the product type (product or service), providing a name in the text field, and assigning a price in the number field.

For products, include dimensions and weight to calculate accurate shipping costs.

With your product created, view the "Product Overview" page, offering a plethora of management options:

Starting Info:

Edit the initial information provided during product creation and customize additional details according to your preferences.

Manufacturing Information:

Enhance your product listing on the Inxeption Global Marketplace by adding your Company Name and uploading a logo.

Enable the Product URL feature to obtain a preview link showcasing your product on the Inxeption Global Marketplace.

Save Changes:

After updating all relevant information, click "SAVE" to confirm and apply the changes seamlessly.

Streamline your product management workflow using Inxeption's user-friendly interface. If you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you at any step of the process. Elevate your product listings and maximize visibility with Inxeption's intuitive tools.

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