Create a Discount Code

Create a Discount Code

Create a Discount Code

The Inxeption Ledger provides the ability to create discounts for customers to use on a singular sales channel upon check-out to obtain the designated discount.  Currently, discounts are only presented as a percentage off.
  1. Visit the Sales Channel Module
  2. Choose the applicable Sales Channel 
  3. Press "Discounts"
  4. Press "Create New Discount"
Setting the parameters of the discount
Fill in the fields on this form:
  1. Add a Discount Code which is a text field that is the name of the discount code customers will type in during check out. It is not case sensitive
  2. Add a Value (%) which is the percentage of discount you wish to offer using this discount code. This must be in a whole number
  3. Add a Discount Description which is the Internal description of this code
  4. Choose the Dates Active which is the date range that you wish a discount code to be valid
  5. Choose a Minimum Crate Subtotal which is the minimum dollar amount that must be ordered in order for the code to be valid
  6. Press "Save"

Buyers can apply these discounts during checkout in their crate. You can also Apply Discounts to Orders.

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