Inxeption BOL Breakdown

Inxeption BOL Breakdown

Inxeption BOL Breakdown

1. BOL Number/Tracking Number

This is the PRO Number to track the shipment. It will be reflected in the Order for Shipping Details page or the Shipments section on the order page. 

2. Carrier Information

Here you can find the carrier's name and contact information. At the bottom of this section, you can find the Order Number for this shipment, and the External ID if this is enabled in your settings.  You can also find the Purchase Order for this shipment if the option is enabled in your ledger

3. Shipper Information

This is your contact information. The address is pulled in from your Pickup location set in the Shipping Settings tab in the System Settings section.

4. Consignee Information

Here goes your Customer's information (Name, Address, City, Zip Code, Phone Number) that you put either creating this shipment or by using an existing contact created beforehand.


5. Products descriptions

This is pulled from the Products and Shipment Details information on the Order for Shipping Page. 

This section also displays if the product is hazmat with a checkmark filling the "HZ" box, and the hazmat numbers in the product description. For more information on setting hazmat products, check our other article on Hazardous LTL shipments

6. Pickup notes

This is pulled from the Freight Settings below the pickup address you set on your Shipping Settings.

7. Delivery notes

This can be filled when creating a freight order under Freight Delivery Options.

8. Declared value of the property.

Here you can specify the value of your order in US$ per unit of shipment (pallet, crate, box, etc). This can be filled free-hand once the BOL is printed. 

9, 10, 11. Signatures and dates

The space for the carrier's signature at pickup, the shipper's, and the consignee's respectively.

Inxeption BOLs cannot be edited after creation. Fixing mistakes on a BOL requires the shipment's cancelation and re-schedule. 

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