Inxeption Platform Release Notes - February 22, 2021

Inxeption Platform Release Notes - February 22, 2021

Inxeption Platform Release Notes - February 22, 2021

Know Where Your Shipments Are Every Step of the Way

  1. New Shipping Dashboard: Get a comprehensive view of where your shipments are with our new dashboard! On a single screen, you’ll know the status of every shipment for any time period, whether it is awaiting pickup, in transit, delivered, or delayed. The map view indicates the origin and destination for all shipments. Learn more.
  2. Shipment Tracking: You now have the ability to track the individual parcel and LTL shipments directly on the platform. The Shipment Details page in the Shipping module has a map with the shipment's route and status updates including pickup, expected delivery date, and delayed shipment details. Learn more.
Same Day Pickups are Here!
  1. Schedule Same-Day Freight Shipments: We’ve heard this request loud and clear and are excited to make the ability to schedule same-day LTL pickups available. When you create your shipment, you’ll see recommendations for lead time and, while same-day requests cannot be guaranteed, we promise to do our best to ensure your same-day requests are picked up.
New Triggered Emails to Simplify Returns and Delivery Tracking
  1. Email Return Shipment Labels to Buyers: Building on the ability to print return parcel shipping labels included in last month’s release, you can now easily email return labels to your buyers directly from the platform. Simply click “Send an email with Return Shipping Label” in the Shipping Details and they’ll receive a link to download the label at home. To customize your email message, go to Sales Channels > Channel Information, and under Edit Emails you’ll see Return Shipping Label Created. Learn more.
  1. Package Delivered Emails for Customers: By popular request, you can now send your buyers an email confirming that their package has been delivered. This can be automated for both parcel and freight deliveries.
SKU Capabilities Make Managing I-Commerce Products Easier
  1. SKU Management within Variants: You are now able to create and manage SKUs on the platform as a combination of your base product and variants in the order added. Within the Product Overview, you can create a base SKU (previously the Product ID) to be used as the first segment of your SKU, followed by a SKU value for every variant created. The variants will appear in the SKU in the order saved. In the example below, the SKU is formed by a base SKU of DINTAB and variants added. If you don’t use SKUs, you can select “Use Product IDs” under Product Identification in System Settings. Learn more.
  1. SKU Usage in Shipping: When in use, SKUs will be visible anywhere you see an Order, i.e. in Order Details, Shipping Details, etc. It will also appear on your packing slips. To have it appear on the shipping label, simply paste it into the Description when you Create New Shipment. Additionally, you can search by SKU or SKU component in your Orders for Shipping.
Improved Invoice Downloads
  1. More Detailed Billing Statements for Download: Our last update included the ability to download your Inxeption invoices to an excel file. This download now includes much more detail, such as consignee address, ship-from location, PRO number, and more. Reconciling invoices is now even easier. Learn more.

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