Managing Fulfillment Status: Orders Module Guide

Managing Order Fulfillment and Shipments

Managing order fulfillment is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth operations. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of updating Fulfillment Status within the Orders Module. Understanding and utilizing the Fulfillment Status options efficiently can streamline your fulfillment processes and enhance inventory management.

Navigation and Selection

  • Navigate to the Orders Module and select the relevant order you wish to manage by clicking on the blue order number. 

Understanding Fulfillment Status

  • Upon order completion, the Fulfillment Status will automatically change to "Received," indicating acknowledgment of the order by the system.

Fulfillment Status Options

The Fulfillment Status drop-down menu offers several options:
  • Received
  • Accepted
  • Production
  • Ready For Shipping
  • Shipped
  • Completed
  • Returned

Manual Updates

  • Throughout the fulfillment life cycle, appropriate parties can manually update the Fulfillment Status as needed. This ensures accurate tracking and communication regarding order progress.

Inventory Impact

  • It's important to note that the Fulfillment Status options primarily impact inventory management within the software.
  • For instance, selecting "Shipped" or "Completed" prompts the system to remove corresponding items from inventory, reflecting successful fulfillment.
Efficiently manage your orders by leveraging the Fulfillment Status options provided within the Orders Module. Should you require further assistance or have inquiries regarding order fulfillment, our support team is available to provide guidance and support every step of the way. Simplify your fulfillment processes and enhance order management efficiency today!

You can view and filter your orders from the Orders Dashboard by fulfillment status. Learn how to navigate the Orders Module here. 

Creating Shipments

From New Orders:

  • Navigate to the Orders Module 
  • Scroll down the page until you locate the Shipments section
  • Click on "Manage Shipment" to reveal options for parcel or freight shipping
  • Configure your shipment/s on the following screens

Managing Existing Shipments

For Existing Shipments

  • Locate the "Shipments" section on the orders page.
  • Click on "Manage Shipments" to access detailed shipment management options.

Status Updates

  • Change the status to "Shipped" for processed shipments.

Order Details

  • View specifics about the order, including the order status, fulfillment status, and service level.
  • Switch between shipping methods based on your requirements.

Product Information

  • View comprehensive details about the ordered product(s), including name, quantity, and price.

Shipping Address

  • Access the shipping address provided by the customer for the order.

Shipments Management

  • Create additional shipments and download packing slips seamlessly.

Return Shipments

  • Initiate return shipments as needed to facilitate efficient returns processing.

For more information and support about Inxeption Fulfillment Services, visit that section of our Help Center: Click Here

Efficiently managing your shipments ensures smooth logistics and customer satisfaction. Whether you're processing new orders or handling existing shipments, utilize these options to streamline your operations effectively. 
Need Further Assistance? If you encounter any challenges during the setup or have questions, our support team is here to help. Reach out to for prompt assistance.

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