Quick Ship Creation

Quick Ship Creation

Quick Ship

  1. Go to the SHIPPING Module 
  2. On the ORDERS FOR SHIPPING page, choose the type of shipment you are looking to create. You can CREATE PARCEL SHIPMENT (UPS GROUND ONLY) or an LTL Shipment

  3. Add your CONTACT by either selecting an EXISTING or CREATE NEW CONTACT
  4. Add Payment Information
  5. Add PRODUCT information. You can add a custom product or add a product that has been already saved. 
  6. Add your SHIPMENT. 
    1. You can use a Shipping Template if a Parcel Shipment or
    2. Add your shipment dimensions
  7. If you are creating an LTL shipment you will also create your shipment pickup

  8. Click CREATE
If you don't see the Purchase Order Payment Options be sure to enable the purchase order option on your Sales Channel

If you need a pickup for your parcel shipments You will need to create a Parcel Pickup

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