Reaching Out To Your Carrier

Reaching out to your Carrier

Reaching out to your Carrier

You may need to reach out directly to your carrier to cancel a pickup, follow up on a missed pickup, etc. Below you will find a full list of LTL carriers that our system works with and their contact information, along with our parcel carrier: 

Carrier Name
Phone Number
Contact Email
Claims Email
ABF Freight LTL
A. Duie Pyle
Averitt Express, Inc.
Central Freight Lines
CEVA Logistics 

(When emailing CEVA please note that Inxeption is the 3rd Party Payor for your shipment)
Dependable Highway Express
FAF, Inc. Class
FedEx Economy
Old Dominion Freight Lines
TForce Freight (Formerly UPS Freight)
USF Holland
USF Reddaway
XPO Logistics
Go to the page. Click on the “Manage It” tab, choose the “Claims Filing And Tracking” option, click on "Continue As Guest" when the login screen appears, and then click on “+New Claim”.
YRC Inc.
UPS Parcel

If you don't see your carrier listed please reach out to

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