Restricted Words in an Instance Certificate

Restricted Words in an Insurance Certificate

Restricted Words in an Insurance Certificate

Falvey, our insurance provider, has a list of excluded items for making shipments and their insurance certificates. Using one of these words can result in the error message "Please enter a new description for your shipment"

Please review the description you can find below the pickup location, and change the wording to make sure it doesn’t reference one of the following topics: 
  1. Accounts
  2. Alcohol/Wines/Beers/Similar spirits
  3. Automobiles/Motorcycles (defined as licensed road-worthy vehicles)
  4. Bills
  5. Cash
  6. Checks
  7. Chinaware
  8. COD Payments
  9. Coins
  10. Cotton
  11. Currency
  12. Deeds
  13. Documents
  14. Evidence of debts
  15. Firearms
  16. Flowers
  17. Fresh food/Produce
  18. Gemstones (loose stones)
  19. Gift cards 
  20. Gold, silver, and other precious materials. 
  21. Grandfather/Grandmother clocks. 
  22. Hazardous materials (per UPS hazardous materials list) 
  23. Live animals
  24. Manuscripts
  25. Mobile phones
  26. Models (including but not limited to ships, cars, airplanes, and architecture) 
  27. Money orders
  28. Neon Items
  29. Notes
  30. Original/Fine art valued over $20000 per piece
  31. Perishable goods or similar property (defined as commodities that spoil or deteriorate when not carried or stored in a temperature-controlled environment) 
  32. Personal household goods and personal effects (non-commercial/business-related shipments) 
  33. Pharmaceutical drugs 
  34. Plants
  35. Plate/Flat glass
  36. Sailboats/Motorized boats/Yachts
  37. Securities and other negotiable papers
  38. Tickets
  39. Tobacco/Tobacco products. 

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