Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

Inxeption Shipping Protection

Finally, you can get peace of mind with all-risk, total-value shipping insurance from Inxeption and Falvey Shippers Insurance.

Once a shipment leaves your warehouse floor, what happens between A and B is out of your control. The time while your goods are in transit to their destination can be unpredictable, but with all-risk shipping insurance through Inxeption and Falvey Shippers Insurance (FSI), knowing your goods are automatically covered for their full value* is one less concern for you to worry about.

Protect your goods for their full value in the event of physical loss or damage in transit.

Is All-Risk Shipping Insurance right for you? 
When a shipment is lost or damaged, it can take months  before your claim is settled under a carrier’s standard limited liability coverage. More than half of all carrier liability claims are denied entirely, and the Shipper receives nothing. The other half of cases are likely settled based on weight not, the total value of the shipment. Avoid lost revenue and disruption to your supply chain with all-risk, total-value shipping insurance.
  1. Do you ship high-value goods in LTL quantities?
  2. Does the value of your typical FTL shipment exceed $100,000?
  3. Can you afford to absorb the financial burden of a lost or damaged shipment for 3+ months while awaiting a settlement on your carrier liability claim?
  4. If your carrier liability claim is denied in the event of a partial or total loss — as they often are in more than half of all cases — how long and how many new sales would it take to recoup a total loss?
Whether you ship big, or small, constantly or occasionally — if you can ship it, we can insure it. Your business deserves  the highest standard of reliability and protection to ensure that your goods are covered for their full value, no matter what.

Protect your business better with full protection, fast payouts, hassle-free claims, and competitive rates.

What is the difference between Shipping Protection and Carrier Liability?

Inxeption shipping protection and carrier limited liability.

*Covered up to the limits of liability, i.e..$100K for LTL, $500K for FTL.
If you are interested in adding Shipping Protection through Inxeption please email for a quote
If you have Shipping Protection and need to file a claim please follow the instructions found here.
If you don't have Shipping Protection the claim will need to be filed directly with the carrier

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