Small Parcel vs LTL

Shipping Guidelines: Small Parcel vs LTL Freight

Parcel vs LTL Freight

Small Parcel shipments are typically more automated than LTL. LTL carriers use forklifts to move packages while small parcel uses conveyor belts. 

The Formula: How To Calculate the Length & Girth of your parcel manually Follow the guidelines to calculate the Length and Girth of your package manually: 

1. Measure the three parcel dimensions in exact inches (Remember: round each side to 

the nearest inch) 

a. Example: 33 (length) x 30 (Width) x 30 (Height) 

2. Add the measurements of the two smallest dimensions together. Multiply the result by two. This is the girth of your package. 

a. Example: 30 (Width) + 30 (Height) = 60 inches b. 60 inches x 2 = 120 inches ←- This is the girth of your package 

3. Now simply take the longest dimension and add this to the package girth. The result is the combined length and girth of your parcel. 

a. Example: 33 (Length) + 120 (Girth) = 153 inches ←- This is the combined length 

& girth of your package. 

When should I ship via LTL Freight?

 Packages exceeding the following criteria should be shipped via Freight: 

● Individual packages can be up to 150 lbs 

● Each package can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined 

● Packages can be up to 108 inches in length 

Small Parcel vs LTL: Why is it imperative to follow the shipping guideline dimensions?

You will be subject to the following fees if your package(s) do not abide by the shipping guideline dimensions: 

● Additional Handling Fee 

● LPS (Large Package Surcharge) Fee 

● Over Maximum Limits Surcharge 

Additional Handling Fee (shipped via small package) 

● Longest side exceeds 48 inches 

○ Note: Ship this package via Freight. Do not ship as Small Parcel. 
● Has an actual weight greater than 70 lbs per package 

○ Note: Ship this package via Freight. Do not ship as Small Parcel. 

Large Package Surcharge U.S Domestic shipments delivered to a residential address are subject to a LPS (Large Package Surcharge) fee if: 

● The combined length and girth falls from 130 inches to 165 inches, or its length exceeds 96 inches 

○ Remember: Follow the formula listed above. If your package(s) fall within these dimensions, you must ship via Freight. If you ship via Small Parcel, you will be charged a $90 LPS fee. 

Over Maximum Limits Surcharge You will be subject to an Over Maximum Limits Surcharge for packages in the UPS small package system if: 

● Your UPS small package(s) exceed 108 inches in length, or 165 inches in combined length and girth 

○ Note: If this is true for your package, you must ship via Freight. 

● Your UPS small package exceeds 150lbs. 

○ Note: If this is true for your package, you must ship via Freight. 

Small Parcel 

Typically, small parcel shipments are as follows: 

● Under 70lbs (per package) 

○ This is per individual box. Not total combined weight. 

● Shipped in your own packaging or carrier supplied boxes 

● Not sent on pallets 

● There are no limits to the combined total weight of your shipment 

○ Example: If you are shipping 10 packages, it is acceptable for the total combined weight to be over 150lbs. However, each individual package must be under 70lbs and follow the dimensions listed above. 

● There are no limits to the combined total packages in your shipment 

○ Example: You can ship 5 or more individual boxes. However, each individual box has to be under 70lbs and must follow the dimensions listed above 

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