UPS Freight Claims Process

UPS Freight Claims Process

UPS Freight Claims Process


UPS is the responsible party for paying out your UPS Freight claims and shipping charges.

In this document, Inxeption will cover how to do the following:


  1. File a UPS claim for lost or damaged shipments

  2. Check the status of your UPS claim

  3. Understand UPS claims timing



Filing a UPS Claim for Loss and/or Damage


Here is how that process works:


  1. Go to the following link:


  1. Download the claim form, from the website above, by clicking on the blue .pdf hyperlink 


  1. Complete the “Cargo Loss & Damage Claim” form to its entirety


  1. Enter your company’s information in the Cargo Loss & Damage Claim section.



  1. Leave this field blank:



This number will be provided to you by UPS, not Inxeption. You will obtain this number one or two ways:


  1. Enter consignee and shipper information.  The consignee is your customer. You are the shipper.



  1. This step is most important: Be sure to include the original company invoice for this particular shipment. Displaying the weight, quantity, description, price per piece, total amount and etc. Fill in all the details. Only list items for which you have an original company invoice.




  1. Check all boxes that apply. Note: DO NOT fax any pictures. It is acceptable to email pictures.


  1. You must email and fax your documents to UPS. Email your documents to: Also, fax your documents to: 866-580-1944


  1. The subject of your email must read “Claims Dept. PRO# (your original ups freight pro #)”


  1. The body of your email should read: Cargo Loss and Damage Claim Form, and supporting documents attached.


  1. Remember: You must Fax AND Email all of your documentation. Do not Fax pictures. It is acceptable to email your pictures. UPS will receive those documents within 24 hours. UPS will receive emailed documents within 24 to 48 hours.


  1. Email a copy of the claim submission to




Check the Status of your UPS Claim


  1. Use your claimant reference number, or PRO number, to check the status of your claim on the following UPS website:


  1. Select either “claim number” or “PRO number”. Key in either number into the box. Click Submit.



  1. The screen will inform you on the status of your claim. It will only show the following:

  1. Your claim in still processing

  2. Any changes/updates



UPS Claim Timing


It takes UPS Freight 30 to 120 days maximum to complete the processing of your claim. 
Please review the previous steps for checking the status of your claim.



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