Using Quotes with a Product or Service

Using Quotes with a Product or Service

Using Quotes with a Product or Service

The Inxeption Ledger allows for products/services to have a quote function instead of a purchasing function
  1. Visit the Products Module
  2. Click on the applicable product
  3. Visit the "Pricing & Availability" section of the product editing page
  4. Choose ALLOWS QUOTES on the toggle that is default reading SET PRICING ONLY
  5. This product now functions differently than those with SET PRICING ONLY
    1. When a customer goes to purchase the product or service, they will select Request Quote
    2. A Quote pop-up box will appear for the customer to begin quote dialogue
    3. The email QUOTE EMAIL is sent to the customer
    4. The order will appear in the Orders module with a Status of “Quote Requested”
    5. Click on the Order to view the details of the order and respond to the quote. 
    6. You can add a product, revise the cost of the product, provide a text response within the quote, provide a quote attachment within the quote, enter Expiration Date, enter any additional information, change the shipping speed, add a discount code, and press SAVE DRAFT
    7. Hover over the triple dots and press "Send Quote" which will trigger the NEW MESSAGE NOTIFICATION email to the customer with your revision to the quote.
      1. A message will appear confirming you want to send the quote. Click Yes.
      2. When the customer is prepared to accept the quote, they will click Complete Order and be prompted to through the Inxeption Purchase Crate to pay either via credit card or purchase order as designated by the account.
    8. There is also the option to reject a quote. Hover over the triple dots and press "Reject Quote" and the customer will receive the QUOTE REJECTED email indicating that the quote was rejected. 
  1. Even if a quote is rejected, the customer can still continue the quote dialogue to negotiate to a quote that is acceptable by both parties.
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