Using the Product Module

Using The Product Module

Using The Product Module

Highlights of the Products module:

  1. Digitize your products/services
  2. Import your products/services in bulk
  3. Make changes to the products on your website instantly
  4. View your Most Viewed Products for a designated time period
  5. View your Revenue Per Product for a designated time period

The product module can be accessed from the dashboard by clicking on the “Product” button.

Product dashboard for marketing, channels, contacts, orders and shipping.

The first screen after this offers a general overview of your products.

Product overview.

  1. View switch: This allows you to change between a grid view and a list view of your products. 

  2. Search bar: Here you can search for your products by name, useful when you have a lot of products added.

  3. Filters: The filter view allows you to display products from the sales channels you select.

  4. Saved searches: Clicking the bookmark icon lets you save a combination of keywords in the search bar and channel in the filter view, for easy access to your most common product searches.

  5. Add New: This allows you to add a new product to your ledger, serving the same functionality as 8. Add product.

    1. Add/Maintain a product or service

  6. Import: Here you can upload a .CSV file with a list of products, to add many products at once to your ledger without adding them one-by-one.

    1. Import Products/Services.

  7. Download: Generates and downloads a .CSV file containing all the product information currently displayed. If you have a search and/or a filter active, only those products will be shown in the downloaded file.

    1. Downloading information from your ledger

  1. Products: You can click here to access the product edit screen.

    1. Editing/Adding Information to a Product

  2. Checkbox: Clicking this checkbox will mark the product for deletion. At least one product has to be selected and after that, you can select as many as you need to delete them with the 11. Delete button that appears in the top bar.  

Inxeption products and services.

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