Editing a Product’s Variants

Managing Product Variants

Variants allow you to have different versions of the same product without having to make different copies. For example, you’d be able to have a “Shirts” product and make variants for every option you have available (color, sleeve length, neck type, etc) 

1. Navigate to the Products Module

2. Search for the product you'd like to edit - you can use the "Find"  box to help you
If you don't have the product created yet, please check our article on How to Add a New Product or Service
3. Once you're in the Product Overview page, click on "Variants
4. Here you'll be able to add any variants for your product

b. Variant name: This is the name for each variant category, it can be color, shape, size or anything else you need. 

c. Default Option Name: The name of the first option for this variant. Options are what each variant has available to be selected, for example, if the variant is named “Color” then the first option can be “Black” and the following options will be more colors. 

d. Edit Options: This will bring the screen to add and edit more options to this variant.

Variant Options are used to show different options like 'size' or 'color'. The variant options section is used to add options like Green, Orange, Blue to the variant dropdown selection windows. You can also add different pricing options for different variation selections. 

e. Add Options: Adds a new option with editable fields to this screen.

f. Default option name: The name of each new option.

g. SKU Value: If your product has an SKU, each variant will add its number at the end of the product’s SKU number.

h. Price: The price of the option. Keep in mind that this is the difference in price that is added to the variant. For example, if the base price is $100, and this variant costs $130, then the Price field should have only $30. If there’s no difference, leave 0 in the field.

i. Original Price: The amount listed in this field will be added to the main product Original Price. For example, if the Original Price is $100 and the Variant Original Price is $50, then the original price shown will be $150.

j. Cost of Goods: Internal price to help you determine your margins

k. Measurements and weight: Here you can specify the difference between the original shipping information and the one for this variant. For example, if the original shipment weighs 1 pound, and the variant weighs 3 pounds, then the weight field here should have “2”. If there isn’t any difference leave 0 in the field.

l. Require user input: Generates a field that your customer will have to fill in at checkout in order to purchase this variant.

m. Set options: This button saves any option added, make sure to click it once you’re done editing this variant.

Every time you make a change in any of these modules you’ll have to click the “Save” button to make sure your changes are saved in the system. 

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